Recycled Fibre | Mauve Tartan Wingtip


This limited edition Mauve and multicolour Tartan Wingtip Scarf is one of two which are made of sustainable and partially recycled fibre.

Mauve is a color which dates back to 1856, when it was accidentally produced while trying to develop a treatment for Malaria, but which is also named after the French mallow plant, Mauve. (Kassia St Clair, The Secret Lives of Color, 2018)  

As with our other fabrics, they are woven in Lyon, France but these two use 30% recycled fibres from the mill in an effort to reduce waste.


Wingtip Design 

Textiles from Lyon, France, Textiles are 30% Recycled Fibre

Made and sewn in a family owned factory in Toronto, Canada

Leather Label