• The State Dinner: Gifts for Sasha and Malia

    Posted 16 March 2016


    The State Dinner     Last Thursday we had the honour of finding out that our collection had just been selected as part of a monumental event being held at the...
  • MERAKI; To do something with soul, creativity, love

    Posted 30 November 2015


    This Fall we connected with a beautiful new store in Victoria, BC, named Meraki. A clean aesthetic and curation of lines I admire had us falling for the store before it...
  • How to: Wear the Maverick Shawl

    Posted 30 November 2015


    A quick how-to on wearing our new Maverick Shawl 1. Hold the Maverick by the diagonal seam. This seam ensures it is folded with two triangles pointing downwards, so there...
  • The Maverick Shawl | DTLA

    Posted 08 November 2015


    I had a chance to spend some time in a gorgeous space in Los Angeles while there this summer, and when the lighting is right, it's hard not to take...
  • Los Angeles // Travel Notes

    Posted 14 October 2015


    “There was nowhere to go but everywhere, so just keep on rolling under the stars.” Los Angeles - San Francisco - Las Vegas- and back
  • The Wingtip as a Vest

    Posted 30 June 2015


    This spring we've been seeing and wearing our Wingtip Scarf as a vest a lot with the transition to summer weather and we're loving it! It's an easy way to...
  • K+N for Everyday Carry

    Posted 25 October 2014

    Last month, Everyday Carry reached out to feature what we keep in our hand bag on a regular basis. Well, we are always on the go, so we usually have a...
  • Leather and Detail

    Posted 14 October 2014

  • How to wear a Wingtip Scarf

    Posted 04 October 2014


    We recently snapped some pictures explaining how to put on our Wingtip Scarf for The Luxe Life publication!  Seen also here:    1.Place the open scarf with the leather branded...
  • Q & A // The Wingtip Scarf

    Posted 01 September 2014

    Q & A // The Wingtip Scarf    The Wingtip Scarf  [Noun]: wingtip [Noun]: scarf \ˈskärf\   Definitions of wingtip: 1 : the edge of birds wing 2 : a toe cap...
  • Behind the Lens // Autumn '14

    Posted 31 August 2014

       Behind the Lens // Seeing what we do on our photoshoots, in the factories, and on the streets //   Behind the Lens for our Fall '14 Campaign - European...

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