Our Classics Collection

Our Classics Collection includes our timeless styles that we carry most seasons, and which we consider staples in our wardrobe.
  • Sand Necktie Sand Necktie Quick View

    Sand Necktie


    Sand - this is a satin necktie to tie around your neck, hair, wrist, or bag.   
  • Sail - Triangle Sail - Triangle Quick View

    Sail - Triangle


    This version of our cotton Sail knit is a large triangle scarf to wrap or wear as a Shawl over your shoulders.
  • Vert - Silk Necktie Vert - Silk Necktie Quick View

    Vert - Silk Necktie


    This silk gauze stripe necktie drapes smoothly over your shoulder in a classic necktie style   32” x 39x rectangle  Made In Canada
  • Heather Knit Heather Knit Quick View

    Heather Knit


    This oversized drapey knit scarf is classic rectangle style in a cool cotton knit.  Cotton Rayon Knit Made In Canada 
  • Heather blue Heather blue Quick View

    Heather blue


    This classic straight style scarf is a very light cotton jacquard, meaning it’s woven with texture and pattern.  A heather blue, this style can be their own over your should...
  • Silk cotton rose infinity Quick View

    Silk cotton rose infinity


    This full infinity is the last of our beautiful lightweight silk cotton for summer.  20 x 85” Made In Canada 
  • Lace Necktie - Cream Lace Necktie - Cream Quick View

    Lace Necktie - Cream


    A Classic Lace Triangle - this scarf is to be folded and worn tied once, or wrapped once and tied.  Classic Lace Pattern 75% Cotton, 25% Rayon Sewn in Canada...
  • Burgundy wingtip Burgundy wingtip Quick View

    Burgundy wingtip


    This wool blend burgundy wingtip is a great weight for cool evenings. Wool blend but thin in our signature wingtip style. 
  • Blue Houndstooth Wingtip Blue Houndstooth Wingtip Quick View

    Blue Houndstooth Wingtip


    This wool blend wingtip style scarf is a small batch style that sits nicely and runs large.  Made In Canada  Wingtip Style   
  • Two tone Emerald Quick View

    Two tone Emerald


  • Joan Wingtip Joan Wingtip Quick View

    Joan Wingtip


    One of our original wool Wingtips, we're going back to our classic menswear style to create a chic, modern look.
  • Farrah Mohair - Brown Farrah Mohair - Brown Quick View

    Farrah Mohair - Brown


      Our Farrah Mohair Plaid is a fall classic. A blend of warm brown hues in a wool mohair blend, this pairs well with tan or black coats, leather, and...
  • Farrah mohair - Blue Farrah mohair - Blue Quick View

    Farrah mohair - Blue


    Our signature wingtip scarf in a beautiful soft mohair blue wool blend. Oversized for those that love a big scarf.  50% wool 50% acrylic  85" x 25" Wingtip Design  Made...
  • Crimson Plaid Crimson Plaid Quick View

    Crimson Plaid


    Our Crimson Plaid is a fall classic. A blend of crimson and navy, this pairs well with tan or black coats, leather, and wool  This is our Wingtip Style Scarf -...
  • Grey Glen Plaid Grey Glen Plaid Quick View

    Grey Glen Plaid


    Wool Blend, Wingtip Style, Leather Label  
  • XL houndstooth XL houndstooth Quick View

    XL houndstooth


    An extra large extra cozy houndstooth scarf in black and white with a hint of navy.  Wool Blend  Made in Canada Wingtip style   
  • Chloe Herringbone Shawl Chloe Herringbone Shawl Quick View

    Chloe Herringbone Shawl


    Our signature Maverick Shawl design, sewn diagonally, always falling to a point, in a classic herringbone wool blend. Medium weight, this has a bit 
  • Maverick Black Wingtip Scarf Maverick Black Wingtip Scarf Quick View

    Maverick Black Wingtip Scarf


    This is our signature Maverick Black Wingtip Scarf. This is our Wingtip design- a variation of the infinity scarf, with a semi-closed seam, allowing the scarf to fall longer on...
  • Maverick Black Shawl Maverick Black Shawl Quick View

    Maverick Black Shawl


    Our Maverick Shawl is a long, diagonally sewn shawl, permanently folded so the corners always come to a point, as opposed to a square. This shawl is larger than the...
  • Indigo Denim Palmyra Shawl Indigo Denim Palmyra Shawl Quick View

    Indigo Denim Palmyra Shawl


    This is our new Palmyra Indigo Navy Shawl. A unique indigo denim dye - this navy has a denim touch and very neutral navy look. In our signature Maverick Shawl...
  • Lace Necktie - Black Lace Necktie - Black Quick View

    Lace Necktie - Black


    A Classic Lace Triangle - this scarf is to be folded and worn tied once, or wrapped once and tied.  Classic Lace Pattern 75% Cotton, 25% Rayon Sewn in Canada...
  • Two Tone Vert Wingtip Two Tone Vert Wingtip Quick View

    Two Tone Vert Wingtip


  • Limited Edition - Jane Tartan Wingtip Limited Edition - Jane Tartan Wingtip Quick View

    Limited Edition - Jane Tartan Wingtip


    Limited Edition Jane Tartan - This limited edition chocolate brown tartan is a thick wool in our classic wingtip shape. Drawing roots from our first collections of tartans, herringbones, and...
  • Silk Necktie - Dark Leopard Silk Necktie - Dark Leopard Quick View

    Silk Necktie - Dark Leopard


    This is a classic necktie scarf to be worn wrapped closely around the neck. In a dark Italian Silk print, this little addition adds to a basic tee and jeans. ...
  • Black Label Chiffon Infinity Black Label Chiffon Infinity Quick View

    Black Label Chiffon Infinity


    This is a classic infinity in a very think silky chiffon fabric that flows and can be wear wrapped twice as a scarf or over the shoulders.    Wear once...
  • Multicolor Straight Red|Black Quick View

    Multicolor Straight Red|Black


    This is a soft multi color weave that combines reds, black, and blues. We designed this scarf in a classic straight style with diagonal edges to layer on.    20"...
  • Men's Classic Tartan Men's Classic Tartan Quick View

    Men's Classic Tartan


    Our Men's Classic Tartan is a shrunken wool from Japan. The Japanese are known for their amazing wovens using premium fibres.  A soft blend of Wool and Rayon, this fabric has...
  • Blue Flora Blue Flora Quick View

    Blue Flora


    Large silk cotton rectangle scarf Blue Flora  Made in Canada. 
  • Flora Chiffon Flora Chiffon Quick View

    Flora Chiffon