Our Classics Collection

Our Classics Collection includes our timeless styles that we carry most seasons, and which we consider staples in our wardrobe.
  • Maverick Black Wingtip Scarf Maverick Black Wingtip Scarf Quick View

    Maverick Black Wingtip Scarf


    This is our signature Maverick Black Wingtip Scarf. This is our Wingtip design- a variation of the infinity scarf, with a semi-closed seam, allowing the scarf to fall longer on...
    Indigo Denim Palmyra Wingtip Indigo Denim Palmyra Wingtip Quick View

    Indigo Denim Palmyra Wingtip

    Out of Stock

    This is our new Palmyra Indigo Navy Wingtip Scarf A unique indigo denim dye - this navy has a denim touch in a very deep navy. In our signature Wingtip Scarf,...
  • Maverick Black Shawl Maverick Black Shawl Quick View

    Maverick Black Shawl


    Our Maverick Shawl is a long, diagonally sewn shawl, permanently folded so the corners always come to a point, as opposed to a square. This shawl is larger than the...
  • Indigo Denim Palmyra Shawl Indigo Denim Palmyra Shawl Quick View

    Indigo Denim Palmyra Shawl


    This is our new Palmyra Indigo Navy Shawl. A unique indigo denim dye - this navy has a denim touch and very neutral navy look. In our signature Maverick Shawl...
  • Chloe Herringbone Shawl Chloe Herringbone Shawl Quick View

    Chloe Herringbone Shawl


    Our signature Maverick Shawl design, sewn diagonally, always falling to a point, in a classic herringbone wool blend. Medium weight, this has a bit 
  • Joan Wingtip Joan Wingtip Quick View

    Joan Wingtip


    One of our original wool Wingtips, we're going back to our classic menswear style to create a chic, modern look.
  • Sharon Leopard Sharon Leopard Quick View

    Sharon Leopard


    Our classic wingtip in a wool blend, mohair leopard fabric. 
  • Jonie Blue Jonie Blue

    Jonie Blue

    Quick View

    Jonie Blue


    Our signature wingtip scarf in a beautiful soft mohair blue wool blend. Oversized for those that love a big scarf.  50% wool 50% acrylic  85" x 25" Wingtip Design  Made...
    Classic Wool Wingtip Classic Wool Wingtip Quick View

    Classic Wool Wingtip

    Out of Stock

    This limited edition wool wingtip is made of a classic menswear coating in and fine black and grey weave. Oversized and slightly heavier, this style is perfect for winter.   ...
  • Scarlet houndstooth Scarlet houndstooth Quick View

    Scarlet houndstooth


  • Rose Chevron Rose Chevron Quick View

    Rose Chevron


    This blend of pinks and purples in a chevron pattern, made of deadstock fabric in a Cotton Polyester Blend in our Wingtip Style Made in Canada. 
  • Multicolor Straight Red|Black Quick View

    Multicolor Straight Red|Black


    This is a soft multi color weave that combines reds, black, and blues. We designed this scarf in a classic straight style with diagonal edges to layer on.    20"...
  • Rebel Wingtip Scarf - Burnt Orange Rebel Wingtip Scarf - Burnt Orange Quick View

    Rebel Wingtip Scarf - Burnt Orange


    Our Rebel Wingtips are a collection of bold patterns in ethereal colors for Fall, in our classic Wingtip Infinity Scarf style.  Limited quantities are available in Burnt Orange, Golden Yellow, Deep...
  • Leopard Chiffon Leopard Chiffon Quick View

    Leopard Chiffon


    This is a version of our original leopard print chiffon from our first collection in the classic infinity style. 
    Black Label Chiffon Infinity Black Label Chiffon Infinity Quick View

    Black Label Chiffon Infinity

    Out of Stock

    This is a classic infinity in a very think silky chiffon fabric that flows and can be wear wrapped twice as a scarf or over the shoulders.    Wear once...
  • Silk Cotton Necktie Silk Cotton Necktie Quick View

    Silk Cotton Necktie


    This necktie, head wrap, or wrist wrap is made in a light silk cotton fabric for very light wear.
  • Three Tone Blush Quick View

    Three Tone Blush


      Wingtip Style 100% Linen Blush and White, Rayon Black Made In Canada
  • Two tone Emerald Quick View

    Two tone Emerald


  • Flora Chiffon Flora Chiffon Quick View

    Flora Chiffon


  • Spring Linen Blush Spring Linen Blush Quick View

    Spring Linen Blush


    This is a blend of blush, white, and heather grey Italian linens for spring in our Wingtip Infinity style
  • Spring Linen Heather White Spring Linen Heather White Quick View

    Spring Linen Heather White


    This is a linen blend of white and heather grey to create a light blend for Spring. 
  • Spring Linen Rose Spring Linen Rose Quick View

    Spring Linen Rose


  • Blue Flora Blue Flora Quick View

    Blue Flora


    Large silk cotton rectangle scarf Blue Flora  Made in Canada. 
  • Flora Silk Infinity Flora Silk Infinity Quick View

    Flora Silk Infinity


    Sail Sail


    Quick View


    Out of Stock

    Cotton knit infinity scarf in a cooling knit cotton. 
  • Three Tone Maroon Three Tone Maroon Quick View

    Three Tone Maroon


    Flowy and light, this three tone wingtip is a triage of blush, cream, and maroon. 
  • Road Neck Tie Road Neck Tie Quick View

    Road Neck Tie


    A small little necktie for neck, wrist, or bag
  • Linen Periwinkle Linen Periwinkle Quick View

    Linen Periwinkle


    100 % linen this spring perwinkle was hand dyed to give an uneven varying wash.    Wingtip style   
  • Two tone Burgundy Quick View

    Two tone Burgundy


    Our classic two tone wingtip in Black and Burgundy. This chiffon falls casually over a white t shirt or simple blouse.   
  • Two Tone Burnt Orange Two Tone Burnt Orange Quick View

    Two Tone Burnt Orange


    Our classic two tone wingtip in a burnt orange and taupe blend.  Wingtip style  Made In Canada 
  • Two Tone Blush Two Tone Blush Quick View

    Two Tone Blush


    Our classic two tone in a heather grey and blush pairing   Wingtip style
  • Chambray Wingtip Chambray Wingtip Quick View

    Chambray Wingtip