One Of a Kind

Our Collectors selection highlights our original best sellers, styles that are almost sold out, and special edition styles which we launch in small batches. Which are in your collection?
  • Nautilus Stripe Wingtip Nautilus Stripe Wingtip Quick View

    Nautilus Stripe Wingtip


    Our Nautilus scarf is a blend of soft black and white strips. A soft cotton, the fabric falls well wrapped twice or worn as a shawl.  This is  Wingtip Style...
  • Chess Houndstooth Chess Houndstooth Quick View

    Chess Houndstooth


    We brought back our Dark Chess style for the holidays in a larger wingtip style.   A very thickly woven blend of black and dark grey fibres create a large, classic...
  • Maverick Red Wingtip Scarf Maverick Red Wingtip Scarf Quick View

    Maverick Red Wingtip Scarf


    This is our Maverick Red Wingtip Scarf . As opposed to our Shawl version, this is our signature Wingtip Infinity Scarf style . The Wingtip Scarf has a half seam...