• Vert - Silk Necktie Vert - Silk Necktie Quick View

    Vert - Silk Necktie


    This silk gauze stripe necktie drapes smoothly over your shoulder in a classic necktie style   32” x 39x rectangle  Made In Canada
  • Sand Necktie Sand Necktie Quick View

    Sand Necktie


    Sand - this is a satin necktie to tie around your neck, hair, wrist, or bag.   
  • Maverick Black Wingtip Scarf Maverick Black Wingtip Scarf Quick View

    Maverick Black Wingtip Scarf


    This is our signature Maverick Black Wingtip Scarf. This is our Wingtip design- a variation of the infinity scarf, with a semi-closed seam, allowing the scarf to fall longer on...
  • Indigo Denim Palmyra Shawl Indigo Denim Palmyra Shawl Quick View

    Indigo Denim Palmyra Shawl


    This is our new Palmyra Indigo Navy Shawl. A unique indigo denim dye - this navy has a denim touch and very neutral navy look. In our signature Maverick Shawl...
  • Maverick Black Shawl Maverick Black Shawl Quick View

    Maverick Black Shawl


    Our Maverick Shawl is a long, diagonally sewn shawl, permanently folded so the corners always come to a point, as opposed to a square. This shawl is larger than the...
  • Limited Edition - Jane Tartan Wingtip Limited Edition - Jane Tartan Wingtip Quick View

    Limited Edition - Jane Tartan Wingtip


    Limited Edition Jane Tartan - This limited edition chocolate brown tartan is a thick wool in our classic wingtip shape. Drawing roots from our first collections of tartans, herringbones, and...